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It’s often said that junk clearance is one of the most time consuming thing that a person can do. No matter how well prepared you think you are for your clearing day, there’s nothing that can compare to the help that a professional junk clearance company London can provide for you. At MCDonnell Skip Hire we offer a range of exciting and reliable junk clearance services that can keep you calm and well prepared, so if you want to avoid stress and panic, all you need to do is call MCDonnell Skip Hire on 020 8746 9691!

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If you’re house clearing and don’t have the right vehicle for the job then why not let our company help you? We have one of the most popular junk clearance services in London, and with a range of vehicles available, our professional team members can ensure that you have the right one for the job!

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Sometimes you need a bit of a helping hand if you’re junk clearing, and if that’s what you’re looking for then our service is the perfect choice for you! We’ll send you a professional, experienced and friendly junk collector London who has the skills and knowledge needed for proper and careful lifting. It’s easy to recycle efficiently and quickly when you have professional help, and our dedicated workers can lift your old furniture, carry your heavy junk and ensure that everything is recycled safely into one of our designated recycling plants.

Recycling is often one of the most stressful parts of house clearing, and if you’re dreading clearing your home then why not let our junk clearance company help you? Our service has given lots of people the help that they’ve needed, and our professional staff can help you too! Book our services and we can carefully and properly recycle your junk in London!

If a lot of junk has accumulated in your house in London, you probably don't have a lot of free space left. You should try our junk clearance services out. Our recycling solutions are ideal if you’re junk clearing for the first time, and with our low prices and convenient locations you’ll wish you’d hired us sooner!

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All of the professional junk clearance services that we have to offer are competitively prices and under our satisfaction guarantee. MCDonnell Skip Hire works to put your needs first, to ensure that your house clearance is easy, speedy and stress-free. Stop worrying about your junk clearance and call our company today to find out more information about our excellent services and competitive prices! You’ll love the many ways in which we can help you, so why not join the rest of our happy customers by giving us a call right now on 020 8746 9691? It’s a decision that you’ll be glad that you made in London!

Our Testimonials

Melanie A. 2022/05/10
The junk clearance job wasn't easy. MCDonnell Skip Hire, the way their professionals handled things made it look so. I'd definitely recommend them. They're quick, professional, and won't create a mess.
Mona H. 2022/05/04
Their junk clearance team from worked quickly to clear everything from all of my rooms. In a little under ten minutes, they'd left the area junk-free. I'd recommend hiring them if in need.
Florina A. 2022/05/02
The junk clearance lads that showed up from this company handled the job superbly. I'm glad I hired them and not some other firm.
K. Livingstone 2022/04/06
They took care of my junk clearance for a very good price. Considering what I was chucking away, I was amazed at the quote given and that they stuck to it!

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