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If you’re clearing your house then you’re probably already experiencing the stress and worry that comes with planning for such a big change.

Perhaps you’re worried about recycling the right way – maybe you can’t find the right materials or maybe work is preventing you from getting your recycling done? It could be that you only have a small vehicle, and you’re dreading the many trips that you’ll have to make to clear your house successfully.

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Maybe you don’t have enough strength to lift your old furniture in a safe and secure manner. No matter what your waste disposal problems might be, just one phone call to MCDonnell Skip Hire can make everything better! Our experienced and professional rubbish removals company has lots of services that can help you, from builders clearance services to white goods recycling, there’s nothing that we can’t help you with! If you want the easy and speedy South East London loft clearance that you deserve then pick up the phone now and call our company on 020 8746 9691 to find out more information!

If you’re looking to soak up a little history and explore London as it used to be, then South East London is the area for you. With cobbled streets, beautiful expanses of greenery and still-surviving pubs, South East London is a wonderful area for both families and individuals looking to take a break from hectic inner-city life. South East London is home to some wonderfully charming areas, with Southwark, Bankside and Rotherhithe all worth exploring for their rustic churches and other architectural marvels. When you’re tired of walking through old-style London, there are lots of world-famous attractions to be found in the area. The Tate Modern, one of the world’s most revered galleries calls South East London its home, and you can also find here the National Theatre as well as the iconic London Eye.

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If you have an interest in the River Thames then South East London is where you’ll find museums dedicated to the area’s naval history, so why not take a look around and see what you can discover? You can also find other such museums, including the Imperial War Museum in South East London, as well as Shakespeare’s Globe and the Design Museum. There’s so much to be discovered and explored in South East London, and whether you’re a local or a tourist there’s no end to the fun that can be had in this exciting and historic area!

When it comes to waste removals, you won’t be able to find a more dedicated, friendly or experienced company than ours. We’ve helped lots of people with their rubbish disposal, turning a potentially stressful and worrying day into an easy and breezy loft clearance! Our specialists can help you with builders clearance, garden waste collection and we can even help you find the perfect white goods recycling service! Lots of people choose our company because of our friendly and professional staff, though our low and competitive prices don’t hurt either! If you want dependable South East London rubbish clearance services that you can always rely on, then you need to call MCDonnell Skip Hire! Speak to one of our team members today by calling us on 020 8746 9691, and you can find out all that you need to know about our fantastic services and low prices!

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Our Testimonials

K. Gutch 2022/08/07
The rubbish clearance team from MCDonnell Skip Hire arrived on the scene in South East London raring to go. They decluttered everything in no time at all.
Betty 2022/06/09
Your employees are trustworthy, courteous and efficient in all the different rubbish removal services.
Stanley 2022/06/06
MCDonnell Skip Hire is the most professional and timely rubbish removal team I have ever come across.
Quinta 2022/06/01
I am very impressed with the waste removal workers. They took a short time and still gave me the best services.

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