quote Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to use MCDonnellSkipHire's services twice. They have proven to be highly reliable and accommodating, making them a joy to work with. Thank you!

  • Yasmine R.
  • 17May 2024

quote Exceptional service provided by the team who were personable and skilled in their approach. Our house clearance project, which included clearing out the loft and garden, was successfully taken care of over a period of few weeks with impressive results. Highly recommend.

  • Kelly M.
  • 29Apr 2024

quote Very pleased with the affordable yet reliable property clearance services that come highly recommended.

  • D. Ranson
  • 11Apr 2024

quote Their work ethic is commendable - it's evident that they take pride in what they do and strive for perfection in every job they undertake.

  • Paula E.
  • 30Mar 2024

quote The results of using these guys' services speak for themselves, with my garden now looking immaculate at such a great price.

  • Dale Russell
  • 20Mar 2024

quote The guys arrived with an immense truck, all dressed alike. They displayed professionalism and put in maximum effort on the task at hand.

  • Norman Wilder
  • 10Mar 2024

quote The service provided by this group was second to none! They arrived on time and went above and beyond in making sure we had a great experience.

  • Dora Spencer
  • 29Feb 2024

quote Thank you for providing unbeatable service at such an affordable price - keep up the great work!

  • Janet
  • 19Feb 2024

quote The two gentlemen who arrived promptly as scheduled were very courteous in handling our junk removal needs. Their speed and efficiency in completing the task were admirable, making it an easy decision for me to give them 5 stars and highly recommend their waste management services.

  • Harley T.
  • 09Feb 2024

quote Our team appreciated their promptness and proficiency in clearing out all the debris.

  • Helena P.
  • 30Jan 2024

quote They were expedient, genial and got rid of neglected rubbish.

  • Donny H.
  • 20Jan 2024

quote They showed up on time and efficiently disposed of our fridge, mattress, dishwasher, and other unwanted items from our home.

  • Kerry K.
  • 20Dec 2023

quote I was more than happy with the house clearance that the team carried out - they were quick, organized and professional, as well as reasonably priced!

  • C. Frederick
  • 04Dec 2023

quote The job wasn't too large but the employees they sent us were very cordial, efficient, and cost effective.

  • Zara M
  • 14Nov 2023

quote Brilliant service. Easy clearance. On time completion. I have taken advantage of MCDonnell Skip Hire London's services several times over.

  • Alicia Smith
  • 25Oct 2023

quote Marvelous aid! When furnishing our new home after moving in, we were faced with stacks of extra packaging as well as some broken-down pieces of furniture - fortunately, MCDonnell Skip Hire's efficient booking system meant we got on top of the issue right away - they exceeded expectations in every regard when assisting us further.

  • Simon Lee
  • 20Jul 2023

quote The waste collection team arrived promptly - I had to get rid of the old rugs that were left from my past tenants - and they completed the task swiftly, doing a remarkable job getting rid of everything. I'm highly impressed with this service and will definitely call them again in the future. Much appreciated!

  • Sarah George
  • 06Jun 2023

quote Tremendous service from London Skip Hire at a cost that's unbelievably low - thank you so much!

  • Kirk Harnold
  • 13Feb 2023

quote I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently your commercial waste disposal service worked when they came to collect my junk! There was very little disruption for me, the whole thing took no time at all. Thank you so much!

  • Tommy
  • 07Sep 2021

quote The price that I got from your company for rubbish removal was good, but the quality of work done was truly amazing! Your team did a great job!

  • Mary
  • 01Aug 2021

quote We couldn't be happier with the fantastic job done by your waste collection service. They were on time and did so much more than we expected!

  • George
  • 02Jul 2021

quote We were pleased with the work done by your builders waste removal company when they helped us at our site. The guys are awesome and deserve more credit for the hard work that they do.

  • Wilma
  • 04Jun 2021

quote Thanks to your rubbish clearance service, we now have our offices looking amazing! It looks like a whole new space!

  • David
  • 05May 2021

quote I was happy with the terrific job done by your garden waste collection service. It was fast and good value for money!

  • Leo
  • 03Apr 2021

quote A friend of mine recommended your company to me when I was looking for a garden waste clearance service. The price that I got was unbelievable!

  • Tracey
  • 27Mar 2021

quote We are very pleased with the excellent job your builders waste removal service did for us in our new home. The guys were on time, fast and friendly!

  • Harvey
  • 01Feb 2021

quote Your professional junk disposal company was just what I needed. This team get rid of all this rubbish I had lying around from my renovation project, thanks a lot!

  • Nancy
  • 26Dec 2020

quote There isn't a better waste collection service than yours!

  • Tom
  • 17Sep 2020

quote Hiring MCDonnell Skip Hire to carry out a waste removal service last month as the previous tenants had not cleared their stuff out and the landlord hadn't either was inspired. The service was exactly what I wanted.

  • Bert
  • 20Aug 2019

quote We used Skip Hire London to help us with taking care of rubbish clearance and the team did a great job of it.

  • Helen W.
  • 29Jul 2019

quote After a bereavement in the family we asked Skip Hire Company to help with a house clearance, and they were amazing. The team were very respectful and understanding, and did an excellent job.

  • Kyle Moschin
  • 10Apr 2019

quote Skip Hire Company did a flat clearance for me when some tenants left unexpectedly and left a whole bunch of rubbish in my flat. Luckily it didn't take them long to sort out and was much cheaper and way less stressful that if I'd have done it myself.

  • Kurt Minchin
  • 18Mar 2019

quote Kudos to the team at London Skip Hire for the fantastic rubbish removal job! Will certainly recommend.

  • Joanne S.
  • 05Mar 2019

quote It was amazing to witness Skip Hire London go about the loft clearance task I gave them. They removed a lot of junk in a short space of time. The price I ended up paying was very reasonable too.

  • Hannah S.
  • 13Feb 2019

quote Skip Hire Company did an excellent job. The waste removal service was reasonably priced. They didn't leave any residual mess.

  • Jess E.
  • 08Nov 2018

quote Very professional company. MCDonnellSkipHire is professional, affordable and their work ethic is impeccable. I recommend their waste removable services to anyone and everyone in London.

  • Michael Terrence Levitt
  • 09Oct 2018

quote I inherited a bit of land. With this inheritance came a nice bit of rubbish, most of which had sat there for years. Everything from old rusted bits of piping, parts and a shed which was due for a knock down. Looking for a good price and trustworthy workers, nothing dodgy, I gave Skip Hire London a ring. Glad I did, let me tell you. 2 nice chaps arrived in a lorry and cleared the rubbish pile up straightaway, leaving the property nice and tidy. Recommending them for the hard work they do.

  • Mark Strickland
  • 16Aug 2018

quote Rock solid, efficient rubbish removal when needed by MCDonnellSkipHire. they are local and used to the area. Cheap price, quality work. Use them, you can't go wrong.

  • Derek Trumbull
  • 02Aug 2018

quote Very helpful company. Drove all the way to my home to pick up my bags of leaves and garden rubbish. London Skip Hire seems dependable and trustworthy and low cost.

  • Daniel J.
  • 25Jul 2018

quote MCDonnell Skip Hire London was extremely helpful in removing our excess rubbish. The waste disposal was cheap and stress-free.

  • Juanita Wienstein
  • 06Jul 2018

quote I couldn't just chuck my builders waste in with the normal trash. I had to hire a professional service. I chose London Skip Hire. Their builders waste clearance was the perfect service. They removed all the junk and did so quickly and efficiently.

  • H. Davenport
  • 06Jun 2018

quote Skip Hire London did a recent garden waste removal job for me and I was very impressed at the quality of work.

  • Harry Glance
  • 02May 2018

quote We really don't know how we would have coped without the help and support of Skip Hire Company. We were due to move house and were all set to do a flat clearance on our old place before my partner suffered an accident. As a result neither of us could do the tidy up, so we called this company in to do it and they were so quick, cheap and helpful that I don't know why we didn't use them in the first place.

  • Timmy Caroll
  • 23Apr 2018

quote Skip Hire London offered a very diligent and high quality waste removal service in a very short timeframe, couldn't be happier.

  • Paul Reason
  • 23Mar 2018

quote Got a great discount for junk collection from MCDonnellSkipHire.

  • Jimmy H.
  • 20Feb 2018

quote Thanks to Skip Hire London for providing me with a speedy and professional waste collection service.

  • A. Robertson
  • 16Jan 2018

quote Skip Hire Company is a local service that actually delivers on its promises for once. I hired them to help with some garden waste clearance and to be honest wasn't expecting much due to previous experience, but was pleasantly surprised when they turned up on time, did a great job and stuck to the quote.

  • Harold Yip
  • 05Dec 2017

quote I have used MCDonnellSkipHire extensively for my various properties, including end of tenancy clearances. Excellent business rapport, more than adequate communication, and a strong work ethic make this a superior skip hire business.

  • Jackson Clark
  • 08Nov 2017

quote I am extremely satisfied with the entire staff at MCDonnell Skip Hire London, as for the skip hire service, they are priced fairly. Would recommend.

  • Claudette N.
  • 04Oct 2017

quote For a rubbish removal company, these guys are great! From the first call to the last bit of rubbish to be removed, honest, professional and courteous. Affordable as well. Will recommend MCDonnell Skip Hire London!

  • Paul W.
  • 14Sep 2017

quote I can't say enough great things about this company! I needed a business that could handle a ton of heavy rubbish disposal without breaking my bank. MCDonnell Skip Hire came and got the job done.

  • M. Delacroix
  • 28Aug 2017

quote MCDonnellSkipHire provided me with quick and affordable same-day junk clearance. I am very happy with their services!

  • M. King
  • 09Aug 2017

quote Happy with all parts of the service offered by Skip Hire Company. It was easy to book my waste collection, they were very flexible with timing, and provided pleasing prices for the work. I would like to say our thanks to the team who helped.

  • Helen
  • 26Jul 2017

quote Pleased with the work London Skip Hire carried out; very swift rubbish removal, excellent price and helpful, friendly staff on hand whenever I needed them.

  • Monica Ley
  • 11Jul 2017

quote Called MCDonnellSkipHire because I needed a waste removal company that cared about my business. They are the cheapest service in London and the most professional one.

  • E. Winfield
  • 27Jun 2017

quote We employed London Skip Hire for some basic junk removal work, to clear out rubbish left from upgrading the kitchen and bath. We were very pleased with both jobs. The workmen were prompt, courteous and responded quite well to instruction.

  • Constance Willoughby
  • 30May 2017

quote Skip Hire Company responded well, and the office made arrangements to visit my property within the day. 2 workman crew came out and cleared away the rubbish fast. Happy with the work completed. Good waste disposal company.

  • Anthony G.
  • 05May 2017

quote Hired MCDonnellSkipHire for rubbish collection. The job they did was tremendous and the cost was the best value for my money. Would endorse!

  • Brittany O.
  • 24Apr 2017

quote Skip Hire Company sent a team of waste clearance experts who showed up at my property at the agreed time and got to work immediately, clearing away the mound of junk in my back garden with ease. It was all cheap too which was a real bonus!

  • Harry S.
  • 13Mar 2017

quote Chose MCDonnell Skip Hire London because they offered me a low-cost waste removal service and guaranteed amazing results. They kept their promise!

  • Susan Oconnor
  • 10Feb 2017

quote Cost-effective and quick! Will hire London Skip Hire again if I need a quality rubbish clearance service at an affordable cost!

  • P. Raeburn
  • 16Jan 2017

quote Cheap and cheerful! The most cost-effective rubbish disposal service in London! Will use MCDonnell Skip Hire London again for sure!

  • F. Gamble
  • 06Dec 2016

quote I will hire MCDonnellSkipHire should I need a cheap rubbish removal service! I have used their services many times and every time they were great!

  • Howard Drake
  • 16Nov 2016

quote Never thought clearing out such a large property could be done so quickly or at such a low cost. Thank you, MCDonnell Skip Hire, for your thorough and efficient help with my property clearance.

  • J. Marsh
  • 27Oct 2016

quote I had some furniture I wanted to get rid of and I hired MCDonnell Skip Hire to send over a team and deal with it. They sent me two experts to do the furniture disposal in no time. Very happy with the speed of the service and the efficiency too!

  • Emma R.
  • 28Sep 2016

quote I had been going through my home and identifying objects I didn't need any more. I wanted a thorough clear out and this meant that I had loads of junk to deal with. Old clothes, electronics, furniture and more all had to be disposed of. I would need some top help for this so I got on the phone with London Skip Hire. They were able to take it all from my property and ensured a proper disposal. This made the problem vanish. The team were great and made light work of my home clearance.

  • John Forest
  • 30Aug 2016

quote I hired Skip Hire Company for my garden clearance and couldn't be happier! My garden looks better than I could have hoped for and all the waste and rubbish is completely gone. A five star service!

  • Steven W.
  • 12Feb 2016

quote Skip Hire Company supplied a great rubbish removal service when I was moving my workplace. I used their services and it was just great. It was reasonably priced and perfect for my needs.

  • Ken Hobbs
  • 13Oct 2015

quote I needed to find a professional rubbish removals company because I wanted to avoid coming across any problems that I could face. A friend referred Skip Hire Company to me and so I rang them up. They were friendly, helpful and got the job done in a morning. Everything was ready before lunchtime yesterday and I am thrilled - it just could not have gone better.

  • Betty O.
  • 02Oct 2015

quote As a pensioner who does not drive and whose family lives quite a distance away, I needed a company to collect my waste for me. Many companies that my carer contacted did not offer such services. However, my neighbour told us about MCDonnell Skip Hire who they hired for their own rubbish removal. I was very impressed with this company as they explained everything to me clearly and put me at total ease. The team was in full uniform and very polite and hard working. I am very happy with the service I received and I have booked them next week again.

  • Audrey B.
  • 24Sep 2015

quote When I first set out planning my waste collection, I felt very overwhelmed at the amount of factors I had to think about. There were a lot of other things happening at the same time of year I had to cater for, which made getting organized all more difficult. The team from London Skip Hire were a massive help. They fully understood my own specific circumstances from the moment they came to my home, and did everything in their power to make sure everything went off smoothly, without pestering me over minor details. Thank you again, everyone!

  • Richard H.
  • 03Sep 2015

quote When I first came across MCDonnell Skip Hire online, I found it hard to believe that any rubbish removals company would deliver a service as good as they promised. Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed! Everything was conducted exactly as outlined on their website, with the utmost professionalism and emphasis on customer service. I've collected my waste using other companies in the past, and this last one has been the most hassle free by far, mainly due to the excellent work put in by everyone on the team. A big thanks to everyone at the company! I know who I'll be calling next time!

  • Hannah S.
  • 25Aug 2015

quote I contacted London Skip Hire to get a price quote for my rubbish removal, and was really happy with the given price, as well as the friendly staff and the amount of information I was given. I wasn't palmed off with a random quote - they really paid attention to my needs and made me feel like a valued customer. On waste collection day, the team I was sent worked well to make sure everything was done to a very high standard, and I was pleased with how carefully they were. Five stars from me!

  • Jenny
  • 14Aug 2015

quote The whole rubbish removal experience that I had with MCDonnell Skip Hire London was pleasant from the beginning right till the end. The day of the waste collection went without any problems whatsoever and the team worked very quickly and with the utmost efficiency. They are extremely good value for money. I'd highly recommend this company.

  • Brad Lee
  • 03Aug 2015

quote I was really impressed with my rubbish removal that Skip Hire London completed for me yesterday. The whole experience was fantastic. Efficient, on time and very professional. They helped keep my business continue running the whole time with the bare minimum of interruption.

  • Tom Evans
  • 24Jul 2015

quote Junk disposal is a big deal. I wanted to organize it myself to save my mum the hassle and called MCDonnell Skip Hire. They quoted me a fantastic price which was great because I wasn't that well off at the time. However, it all went really smoothly. I was done within a few hours!

  • Tony Saunders
  • 14Jul 2015

quote Rubbish removal is really difficult task, trust me! However, Skip Hire Company enabled me to have a convenient and calm junk disposal without causing me any issues. The team was really professional, the cost was very reasonable and overall, the service was just fantastic. If you are looking for a company to hire for your rubbish collection then hire this one!

  • Deborah Carter
  • 03Jul 2015

quote The best thing about MCDonnell Skip Hire is that they talk you through your rubbish removal so it's really organized. They helped me put together a checklist which saved so much time and also allowed me to rationalize what I had to collect. They really are complete experts when it comes to junk disposal and their prices are very affordable.

  • P. Pedersen
  • 22Jun 2015

quote I work really long hours and so when I had to collect my waste I knew I wouldn't be around to organize it. That's why I called London Skip Hire because they have a reputation in the area for being really professional. I had no idea they were so cheap though and highly recommend them.

  • Diane Juniper
  • 12Jun 2015

quote I wanted to organize my waste collection for when I would be away on holiday! I didn't think I would be able to find a local company who I could trust with all the keys and responsibility. My boss told me about Skip Hire Company and so I called for a consultation. They were really professional and told me they could help me at a fantastic price.

  • Tony H.
  • 03Jun 2015

quote I wanted to have my waste collected quickly and efficiently and MCDonnellSkipHire's rubbish removal service gave me exactly what I needed. Their professional team came to my current abode and helped my dispose all my junk. A simple yet useful service.

  • Haley Moore
  • 26May 2015

quote I had no idea how to collect all that waste alone so I had to contact Skip Hire London. I wasn't sure what to use, but they gave me the info I needed and answered all my questions. With their support, I was able to have my rubbish removed safely. Thanks guys!

  • Stephanie Clough
  • 15May 2015

quote When the day came for my rubbish removal, I was all over the place. It seemed that no matter how much I tried to organize ahead of the day, nothing seemed to happen on time! The only reliable part was the professionalism of my junk disposal team from Skip Hire London. They put my mind at ease and handled all the hard work! Honestly, I don't think I would have coped with the stress had I tried to do the job myself. I would recommend this waste collection company to anyone wanting a great job done at a bargain price!

  • Samuel Davis
  • 08May 2015

quote I had been looking for a good rubbish removals firm for quite some time when I finally came across MCDonnell Skip Hire London. They were the first company I called who gave me a free quote within minutes and who actually seemed to want my business! I gave them a brief description of what I needed and their price turned out to be 100% accurate. It was also a great price for such a professional job. They took all the hassle out of my junk disposal and I would recommend them to anyone for great value for money.

  • B.M.
  • 02May 2015

quote Nowadays, you can find a company for almost everything. What's more, there are many companies offering the same service. Whereas the choice is always a good idea, with such choice comes confusion. I looked for the right rubbish removal company to help me for over 10 days before I zeroed in on MCDonnell Skip Hire London but it was worth the time spent. As the reviews on their website suggested: expert service for an economical price.

  • Oscar
  • 27Apr 2015

quote I needed help collecting my waste and I called Skip Hire Company. I like to be involved in anything so I worked with them, and it was fun! A lively bunch of fellows who know how do their work in a professional way. Exactly what I wanted!

  • Walt T.
  • 15Apr 2015

quote There were a lot of companies I was considering to help me collect my waste, but I picked Skip Hire Company on a friend's recommendation. I was expecting quite a lot from this company after researching them online, and I have to say that I was impressed! I chose their rubbish removal service, and all of them were very diligent and worked incredibly hard to deliver exceptional results. Junk disposal was easy, organized and quick, and I couldn't be more pleased. The price was also excellent! Thanks so much - I would definitely recommend this company.

  • Diane H.
  • 03Apr 2015

quote Our rubbish removal went better than we imagined because of MCDonnell Skip Hire's support. They took care of everything for us. Their through service allowed us to get the info we need and additional support where it was necessary. Our firm is now operating successfully thanks to what they did.

  • Scott Andrews
  • 24Mar 2015

quote My staff and I were anxious about our rubbish removal. We were worried that any waste collection firm we hire would not take proper care of this. We needed support from someone who could prove that they care. MCDonnell Skip Hire were whom we hired because we were assured they could handle everything carefully. They did this and even much more than what was expected. Got everything done perfectly and on time, so we are happy we hired them.

  • Melissa M.
  • 13Mar 2015

quote I know the importance of giving customers a good deal, so when I was looking into rubbish removal companies, I had a clear image in my mind of what I wanted. This meant that I went with Skip Hire Company for my waste collection. This is because they offered free quotes that ensured I not only got a competitive price, but also guaranteed that I got the exact support and services I needed. They were exemplary in their services and set the standard for our future junk disposals.

  • Greg Lake
  • 04Mar 2015

quote I was very pleased with my recent rubbish removal. I needed a lot of help. I hired Skip Hire Company and had a brilliant experience. The staff organized everything and planned it to the very last detail. It was booked for weekend and was done so fast I couldn't believe it. What is more, the charge was good, too.

  • Martin P.
  • 24Feb 2015

quote If you are like me and attempted to tackle rubbish removal on your own, odds are you failed just like I did. As I found there really is no fair exchange for professional help. If you want the very best professional help when it comes to waste clearance then I can recommend MCDonnellSkipHire. They really are the best and handled the job both safely and effectively. Don't make the same mistake I did and hire these guys instead, I'm sure you won't regret it!

  • Rebecca R.
  • 16Feb 2015

quote I was arranging for my elderly grandparents to have a waste collection and needed a lot of help. I couldn't have been happier with the service I received from a local rubbish removal company called MCDonnell Skip Hire. They were brilliant! The workers were helpful and so friendly. Great care was taken. A totally fantastic service at an exceptional cost! I would definitely suggest to anybody needing a reliable junk disposal firm to use this company.

  • Daniel Y.
  • 04Feb 2015

quote Generally speaking, I like to know how much I will pay for a service before the job is actually done. However, in the past I have been disappointed by receiving a quote over the phone and then by being asked a different sum of money. With MCDonnell Skip Hire London, nothing like this happened! They were transparent and honest from the very beginning - just what I wanted from my rubbish removals company!

  • Thomas A.
  • 28Jan 2015

quote I thought the hardest part of rubbish removal process was finding some firm to suit your budget and your needs, but the truth is that it would have given me a terrible headache if it weren't for London Skip Hire. I asked them to help me out and they did it excellently. Plus, their people were really friendly and professional. Yes, I DO RECOMMEND THEM to whoever wants to hire rubbish removal services.

  • John M.
  • 22Jan 2015

quote I happen to live in one of the districts largest properties. It features countless bedrooms and bathrooms, so it is safe to say that I when I decided to collect my waste I was left feeling stressed and worried. I decided that I would need some help. This help came directly from Skip Hire London and I can say that I definitely wasn't left disappointed by their efforts. I can't thank you guys enough for your time!

  • Sara Q.
  • 19Dec 2014

quote I'm like most: I don't think that rubbish removal is ever enjoyable for anyone. In fact, having once tackled it alone I got to find out just how much hard labour is involved. I was not relishing in the battle again and desperately needed professional help. London Skip Hire stepped in as soon as I need them to. They took the stress off my shoulders and made sure that I had nothing to worry about, for that I simply can't fault them as a rubbish removal firm.

  • Frederick L.
  • 16Dec 2014