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It’s common knowledge that rubbish clearance can really take a lot out of you. Not only do you have recycling to worry about, but you might also have to consider what vehicle you’ll use to clear with, who can help you lift your heavy items, whether or not you need help with white goods recycling, and many other issues that can crop up without proper planning for your waste clearance day.

If you’re looking to be prepared, calm and collected on your junk disposal day then you should hire MCDonnell Skip Hire! We’re one of the most professional, reliable and popular companies in the area, and we can give you the help that you need thanks to our exciting range of waste removal services! Call our company today to find out more information, on 020 8746 9691!

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Affordable RUbbish Removal Service

Do you want to hire a team to help you with junk disposal? Are you concerned about lifting and loading heavy items into your car, and want a bigger vehicle and a strong and reliable pair of hands? Are you looking for affordable and professional rubbish removal services for your office or loft clearance day? If you hire our company then you can join the hundreds of people who’ve used and loved our waste removal company. Every person that we employ is experienced, reliable and professional, and with our low and competitive prices you’ll have nothing to worry about! Stop worrying about your junk clearance needs and hire the help that you require from our company

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Not only can you hire workers from our firm, but you can also hire waste removals vehicles too! Did you know that loft clearance with a recycling van can sometimes be more environmentally-friendly than using your own car? Consider how many trips you’d need to make between recycling plants in your vehicle, and think about how much time, effort and petrol money that you could save by hiring our company! With lots of vans to choose from, and with lots of different price ranges, you’re sure to find the ideal vehicle for your house clearance day with our company!

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Are you at a loss when it comes to junk disposal services? Do you need a bit of extra room for your new items? If you call our company then we can find you the perfect waste removal solution for whatever it is you need and if you want to free up some space! Lots of people choose our conveniently-located and affordable rubbish removal company to give them the clearance that they need, so why not give us a call to find out more?

Clearing up your home or office can be a nightmare, which is why our company offers a fantastically professional and affordable service to help you out! If you find yourself too busy to dispose of waste, or if you’re unsure which service will suit you best, then we’re the company for you!

No matter what junk removal services you’re looking for, MCDonnell Skip Hire can provide you with the high quality service that you and your family deserve. Stop panicking about your loft clearance and hire the best company in town for all of your needs! Call us today on 020 8746 9691 to hear more about what we can do to help you!




Our Testimonials

Denise S 2022/08/02
They took care of my house clearance needs in a swift and professional fashion. There was plenty that needed to be loaded into their van and taken away, lots of junk from every room. They handled the situation quickly, efficiently and brilliantly.
J. Gibson 2022/07/15
The house clearance team made short work of everything. I booked them in for a complete property clearance. You wouldn't have thought it due to the speedy way, with which they had everything cleared.
D. Larson 2022/06/17
The bulky items of furniture I was getting rid of somehow didn't hike up the price of the rubbish disposal job. I don't know how they managed to keep their prices so low.
Sarah 2022/06/09
MCDonnell Skip Hire are really fast in all their waste collection services I hired them for. I found all the employees to be professional. For this reason, I will continue using their services in future.

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