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Junk disposal companies are everywhere in London nowadays, and it can be difficult to find the right service. With so much to choose from it’s never been harder to find an experienced and professional junk collector, but if you want a reliable worker then it’s MCDonnell Skip Hire that you should call! You won’t believe how easy it is to dispose of bigger items when you hire one of our specialists. We offer lots of other junk disposal services in London that are perfect for any size of load, all you have to do is give our company a call on 020 8746 9691!

If you have lots of bigger items that you want to dispose of and you don’t want to see them getting wrongly recycled then you should definitely consider hiring professional help.

If you hire your junk collector from our company in London then you can get the experienced helper that you need. Our staff are highly trained and very skilled in London, and with so much experience under our belts there’s simply no way that you’ll be disappointed with what we have to offer! Book a junk disposal service from our company in London and we can help you lift and load any heavy and bigger rubbish that you might have! Don’t risk injuring yourself when you are clearing your house, and instead hire a professional junk collector to help you get the job done without you needing to worry!

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Lots of people choose to dispose of things from their home using their own vehicles. This might seem cheaper and more efficient, but did you know that this method can actually take much longer than booking a junk disposal service from us, and could even be more expensive? Small cars require lots of trips between your property and the recycling plant, and not only will your petrol costs add up, but your junk disposal will take a lot longer! Our company’s junk collectors in London have years of experience working in the field. We have vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and we have what it takes to properly load your vehicle for a speedy and secure house clearance! Why add more pressures and costs when you can hire the help of our junk disposal company?

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Unlike lots of other junk disposal companies, MCDonnell Skip Hire strives to bring you low and competitive prices for our efficient and professional services in London. If you hire your junk collector from our company in London then you won’t need to worry about heavy lifting, rubbish truck loading, the size or the vehicle or the time in which it will take you to dispose of the things! Lots of customers have used and loved our junk disposal service, and if you’re disposing of things in your house and want to find a professional company to help you, then we’re the ideal choice! To find out more information about our services then simply pick up the phone and dial 020 8746 9691 today! You’ll be thrilled with what we can do to help you!

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Our Testimonials

D. Ricketts 2022/08/07
The fast and efficient way with which they handled my junk disposal meant that I got new tenants moved into my flat at an earlier date. In a sense, hiring this firm actually made me money!
Stanly 2022/06/07
We were all grateful for the services delivered to us. I found your junk disposal team to be efficient and professional. Kindly bring them back in the next visits.
Zachary 2022/06/06
What I loved most about the junk disposal services delivered is that you kept calling me to remind me of the update. Thanks.
Rayband 2022/06/02
Detail-oriented, thorough and professional junk disposal. The workers ensured everything was cleared in no time.

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