29Jul 2015

Tips For Helping a Home Move Go Smoothly in Winter To Chelsea

winter removals
There are several advantages to moving house to Chelsea during winter, despite what you may think.
If you’ve spent the last couple of months grumbling over the complications of your moving checklist or all the details of your removals to SW3 and storage plan, you may find the information in this article not only informative and useful, but also a pleasant surprise considering the amount of other factors you have to worry about.

house removals
One of the main benefits of moving house in the winter is that there are a lot more moving companies available. The removals and property businesses operate mainly through the summer, usually with an abrupt spike around September thanks to all the students changing residence. Because of this trend, there will be considerably less people looking to move house in the winter, leaving a much larger and varied selection of moving services in Chelsea, SW10 for clever people like you! Another big point which ties in with this trend among removal companies is that their prices can be considerably lower when they’re not expecting as much business.

man and van
If you’ve hired a professional removal company for your move, then they probably have their own set of precautions to go through in terms of the actual logistics of moving your stuff. If you’re taking this burden upon yourself, however, you’ll have to think about these safety measures yourself before setting off. If it’s particularly icy or due to snow, make sure the heater in your car is working properly, the windshield wipers are in good condition, and that all your lights are working in case it gets dark much faster than you’d anticipated. You should also consider writing up a list of emergency contacts on paper, as phones can rapidly lose charge in the cold. As you hopefully already know, it’s not a good idea to set off on a long car journey when the weather forecast predicts a violent storm, so check as many TV weather reports as possible, or better yet look up the forecast for your area on the internet. This should help you plan the big day for when the weather in Chelsea is due to be as calm as possible.

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As it comes up to moving day, make sure your vehicle is fully prepared and operational to remove any chance of you breaking down in the snow. Take your vehicle to your garage and ask for a full check-up, remembering to mention your move, whether you’ll be taking country or main roads and so on. When actually moving your packed items from your old house to the car, there is a slightly unorthodox method which can in fact be a big help. Save a few excess cardboard boxes you have from packing your things, then rip them open and fold them out, arranging them in a pathway leading from your hallway to your car. You don’t want to have to rush to the hospital on the day you were due to enter your new house in SW3. This cardboard drive will provide a much firmer footing for you, and also save the hassle of taking your muddy, snowy shoes off every time you come back to the house. This last one’s a given, but worth mentioning anyway: drive safely. Don’t be too eager to get the whole ordeal out of the way, take corners slowly and apply your brakes even more slowly. If the quickest route to your new home is also full of hairpin bends, sheer cliff edges and has a high rate of deer running across the road, then consider other options, no matter how much time you’ll be sacrificing.

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