01Oct 2015

The Most Popular Place In London For House Hunters

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When you are facing a relocation in London and you are wondering where to go to start that new chapter in your life, you might feel a bit intimidated by all the options you have. London gives you a variety of those and the sheer amount of houses you can buy or rent in the City might frighten you. Moving house is a delicate job, and the most delicate part is to make the choice where to go as you will hardly be able to change it once your removal van drops you off at the new place. You need to think hard where you want to go, otherwise you risk regretting the choice, and that is something you should not experience after a relocation.

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The safe way to do it is to choose areas that are popularly accepted as good places to live. You can research London’s areas and make your pick, but that is also a toilsome task. So here are three suggestions that have lately been rising in popularity for house buyers and real estate agents, and have seen a good increase in tenants.

West Ealing

West Ealing is a peaceful area in general, and, specifically, people who go there look for the St Stephen’s part of the area. This is an amazing place for families as it gives you wonderful schools for the children, like St Benedict, Notting Hill, Drayton Manor High School, Ealing High, and others, some of them rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

relocation to West Ealing

The tranquillity of the area catches the imagination immediately, with the Victorian and Edwardian semi-detached homes which give neighbours some personal space, and the beauty of the area is formed mainly by the stillness and serenity of the scenery. Buying a house in West Ealing might be a bit costly, but all the flats and houses that can be bought – including those in the reworked St Stephen’s Church – are all worth the money and will give you a great place of residence.

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Driffield Road is an area not widely known across the country and that is exactly why it offers you some of the best housing options. Moving house here will situate you beside Victoria Park, in a small district of East End streets. There you can get in the middle of daily exhibitions, screenings, programmes, and workshops.

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The area is great for lovers of art and people who look to thrive in that area, but not so much for families as some of the schools there have fallen from grace and are currently considered to need improvement. It offers good quality housing at prices that can be considered a bit steep, and buying there can be considered a bit adventurous, but if you want to live there because of the art opportunities it gives you, then adventurous is what you need.

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The little London jewel that Lee Manor represents is huddled between Blackheath Village and Hither Green, and it houses young professionals. It is also a family-friendly area that gives you the opportunity to have a house in a very serene setting while your children go to Lee Manor Primary School or Trinity Church of England School.

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The houses in Lee Manor are classical-looking Victorian structures and they have been divided into flats, and the house prices are almost as twice as lower than those offered in Blackheath. You might be put off by the small number and variety or local shops, but with the rising of the popularity, the area might very well get a market upgrade.

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If you want to move somewhere in London, think hard what you want in your life. It can offer you plenty of amazing locations, and these three are the cream of the crop. Pick carefully before you start calling the removal company and once the relocation starts, lay back and expect only the best results.

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