Finding a Removal Company in London

Posted on 20/10/2020

How to Choose The Best Removals Company in London

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London is a busy city and finding a removal service that’s experienced when it comes to the traffic will make moving house to London considerably easier than using a removal company that’s unfamiliar with it. On top of the traffic, there are numerous narrow streets and complicated directions, including areas to avoid to make your journey quicker. Removal companies will be well-versed in the ways of the London roads and are therefore the best option when moving to the city. However, as much as hiring a removal service or man with a van can help you, if you choose the wrong company, you could end up having a negative experience. Here’s how to find the right company for your needs.


Once you’ve established where you’re moving to and found a new home, it’s wise to hunt for removal services close to where you’re relocating to. This way, it’s far more likely that they’ll know the area well, will know where to park and can get there quickly. Although satellite navigation systems are handy and these days very accurate, nothing beats local knowledge of the area and first-hand experience.

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It’s also wise to look at the transport links nearest to your new home for when you and your family move house. Although the relocation company or man with a van will be able to navigate effectively, if you’re unused to the roads, it may be easier to use London’s numerous tube stations to get to your new home, rather than drive. If this is the better option for you, make sure to load as much as you can onto the removal van before leaving so you have as little to carry as possible. However, if you have no choice but to carry a large amount and driving is easier, ask the removal company if you can follow them closely on the journey.


When finding a removal service, it’s wise to ask around to see if there are any reputable companies who you should pick. Either ask the previous tenants (if you can), landlord or estate agents if they have a particular company who they trust. Research any companies’ names which pop up on the internet to see if they have a website, which they should and usually indicates how professional the company is, and read any reviews there may be. Obviously pay particular attention to the negative comments that indicate the movers may not be completely reliable or trustworthy. London is a large city with plenty of companies whose key interest isn’t to help you move house. Therefore, conducting your own extensive research should minimise your chance of having a bad experience.

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Speaking with and communicating with potential removal companies in London is key to striking up a rapport and relationship. Once you’ve decided on a shortlist of companies, you can call them or visit them in person to open up a dialogue and begin negotiations over the price of the service.

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On the whole, removal services in the capital tend to be more expensive than elsewhere due to the time, traffic and area. Therefore, you will have to factor this into your moving budget. How committed you are in these negotiations will depend on your budget and how much you want the price lowered. It’s worth leaving your options open in order to get the best deal. Many companies will understand money constraints and will be reasonably forthcoming with presenting an improved quote if they feel they’ll gain a customer. Keep the conversations light and positive, and have a rough estimate of how much you want the quote to be so you have a figure to aim for.

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