14 Ways To Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Posted on 12/01/2017

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Want to be a model citizen, do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint? Nothing drastic needs to change. Make little changes here and there and it’ll be beneficial for your finances, and of course the environment.

Take a shower

If you’re prone to a long soapy bath, change your mindset and have a shower instead. Bathing uses a tonne of water and energy - it should be a luxury, certainly not an everyday occurrence.

Unplug all devices when not in use

Charging devices when not needed wastes plenty of electricity – not to mention it can ruin your device too.

Use the top shelf of the oven

The heat gets emitted from the bottom and rises to the top – the top of an oven therefore retains plenty of heat.

Use the cold tap, not hot!

A lot of energy goes towards heating water, so if there’s no need for hot water, switch on the cold tap instead.

Forget about desktop PCs

Unless you’re a tech aficionado, a laptop should be perfect for your requirements, and it uses up to 80% less energy whilst in operation! And as soon as it is not functional any more you can send it for waste recycling.

Buy local ingredients

People buy local produce to support local businesses, but buying local will also reduce transport costs of getting the food to your area in the first place.

Purchase in-season produce

Again, this will reduce the amount of food getting shipped and transported across the world to be on your plate.

CFL bulbs are the way to go

Choose compact fluorescent bulbs for a longer-lasting lightbulb. They can last 15 times longer than regular bulbs and use far less energy. When it comes to waste disposal they are easier to handle too.

Get planting

Plant a tree and it’ll mop up carbon dioxide and provide oxygen – one of the easiest ways of doing your bit for the environment. Use its leaves to make a compost pile instead of bothering with garden waste clearance.

Always choose energy efficient appliances

This one’s obvious – they’re called energy efficient for a reason, so always go with this option if possible.

Public transport services

Utilising our great transport system means one less car on the road; it’ll probably be cheaper too and in many cases more convenient.


If driving is an absolute necessity, carpool or drive hybrid – these little things can make a whole lot of difference.

Zap your food in the microwave

It may not have the same effect of heating food on the stove, but it’s definitely more energy efficient.

Get your news online

There’s something comforting about rifling through a paper, but do away with newspapers and you’ll be saving plenty of trees, printing costs and paper waste removal costs.

It’s not difficult

Reducing your carbon footprint is in actual fact relatively straightforward. Change some of your habits – some minor modifications - and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an eco-friendly warrior.

John Merwald
John Merwald

Functioning as a professional manager in rubbish disposal, John excels in handling a variety of waste types with an Eco-friendly approach. His expertise ensures a rapid transition to a rubbish-free property for both businesses and homeowners.